Membership Information

Our congregation is open to all. We have memberships that fit all walks of life. Our membership categories include:

  • Student
  • Individual
  • Family/Household
  • Friend

We realize that for some, joining a congregation can be a financial strain. At Am Tikva we realize that this might be an issue of concern for you, and are committed to working with you to resolve these obstacles. Please do not hesitate to contact a board member about your situation. At Am Tikva, ‘No’ just is not in our vocabulary.

Individual – This membership category is best suited for a single person. As an individual member you will be entitled to take part in all Congregation Am Tikva events and services. You will be entitled to vote at our annual meeting (this includes electing our officers). You will receive one ticket for each High Holy Day service (you can purchase more if you wish to bring a guest with you).

Family/Household – This membership category is best suited for more than one person. We do not define what constitutes your family, but in most cases family refers to you a partner and children if you have them. Family/household membership has all the privileges of individual membership, except all family/household members will receive High Holy Day tickets.

Student – If you are currently enrolled in a college or university you are entitled to become a student member. Student membership has all the privileges of an individual membership, but at a reduced cost.

Friend – This membership category is best suited for those who want to show their affiliation with Congregation Am Tikva. If you still want to show your support for us but are unable to come to services because of time/distance constraints, or have joined a second synagogue and can no longer justify two memberships, this is the perfect solution. As a friend of Congregation Am Tikva your name (or family name) will be listed in our High Holy Day prayerbook.