Shabbat – שבת

We hold Shabbat evening services on the third Friday of every month. Our services take many forms, from traditional to contemporary and somewhere in between.

To be inclusive and accessible to all people, we use an egalitarian liturgy. All members share the religious (and administrative) leadership of Congregation Am Tikva. At any given time, it is not unusual to see a woman (or female identifying) leading a service or a man (or male identifiying) lighting the Shabbat candles. Although guest rabbis join our congregation for special services and occasions, most services and activities are led by members.

Traditional Shabbat Services

Our traditional service is generally held on the third Friday of the month. The service is done mostly in Hebrew, and is probably closest to a conservative service, using “traditional” melodies, which of course depend on whatever “tradition” one grew up with. All of the Shabbat elements are in the service.